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About Vape and Flower

Cannabis Weed Farm with sun and mountains
Founder of Vape and Flower Cannabis flower from California
Picture of Cannabis, Weed plant in front of mountains with snow and valley
Cannabis Farmer, Grower, Cultivator looking at his farm
Picture of three nugs of cannabis flower, Ice Cream Cake, Pineapple Express and Grape Ape
Colorful picture of Cannabis Weed Flower
Vape and Flower team standing backwards
Small cannabis weed plant growing from the ground
Picture of California where the founder first found cannabis or weed
Picture of Yosemite national park

Our Founder became interested in Cannabis in 1999 when weed, pot, cannabis, ganja and all those names were popular in his native home of California. It was cannabis that helped keep his days relaxed in a busy world. He was in college back then and life was stressful, going from class to class, taking exams, keeping up with his social life, traveling, staying in shape and getting into the business world were his goals.

Through the years and having the entrepreneurial spirit, he created a team that continues to grow with the love of cannabis and exceptional knowledge of the benefits of this amazing plant species. We continue to learn the dynamics of cultivating and have amazing growers who take pride in creating top notch strains.

As time has progressed, our founder’s evolution has created a continuously growing team, family and always fun, but he will never forget that first green nug that helped inspired his creativity and success.

Under other names, you may have tried our products however Vape and Flower is now our line slowly dedicated to the Cannabis Flower. We will continue to add new strains and dry herb vapes as we develop a solid brand.

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